Captured: the moments before her lifelong phobia of penguins took root

A stork brought him into this world, a pelican would take him out

So many knots, so little time

The zoo's system of rewards includes a merit badge for orienteering

Lecture on how to deal with a spider at a picnic

Even anemones have trouble with their pronunciation

Hanging around is hungry work...

You lookin' at me?

One of us is a slipper

The camouflage is working, right?

Much in demand at Dr Seuss conventions

Turn up the thermostat, we're not all warm-blooded

Please look at the sign over there and tell me what I am

Rope. Always more rope.

We're horses, get us out of here!

Just back from
New York

Everybody laughed at the monkey's antics, but the drug humour was a bit dated

Less well known is
Eadweard Muybridge's work on flamingos

My vote for best use of old phone boxes:


A skeptic of the zoo experience

There's someone for everyone

Another skeptic of the zoo experience, despite obvious attempts to curry favour

Not just any gorilla...

First you have to take off your shoes, people

Repairing the rainforest fibre-optic cable

Ignore the sign saying don't feed me, that wasn't my idea

Simon didn't say

Humble meercats don't last long

Please give generously to the create-a-new-species fund

I loaned her my camera - now if only these pesky kids would get out of the picture
This happens to my cousin all the time

Long arms come in handy

Admit it, you're lost too

A cruel reminder of mortality

Bitter experience taught me to never share my lunch

The rock collection is coming along nicely

No need to phone home

It ain't easy being the love child of Seabiscuit and The Little Mermaid

The shop was out of the usual jelly babies

It's not any easier being orange

The zoo has an innovative adoption programme