I originally pitched my little eye to Emotional Rescue, a Gloucestershire company. They declined, but not before giving me the opportunity to take a little copywriting test to see if I might be able to churn out suitable material for their own offerings. I was sent a variety of images, the most appealing of which were meant for their On-The-Ceiling range. You may have seen them in the shops; they combine retro (and perhaps more importantly, royalty free) b&w pictures with contemporary humour. I did my best to match the tone they've set.

Note that the first one is pretty harmless, the second could get me deported from several southern US states, the third will be a puzzler unless you've seen Priscilla: Queen of the Desert or anything else with that particular reference, and the last touches back down into the realm of inoffensive black humour - unless it's happened to you, I guess.

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