feel the commotion
of cars as they pass you
they're light as they speed
on a cushion of need
for the warmth that is waiting
wherever their home
has a habit of being -
a shelter of needing
for you and your own
whether two or alone.
holding you are emotions
which follow your freedom
the envy of movement
that colors your seldom
excursions of sun
and the clouds where they run
and the teeming white virtue
of breath for the air
and the comfort of care
with a fit of awareness
that everyone shares
in the mind of a child
with her eyes open wide
as they catch the vast glimmer
of hope where it hides
in the shadow of noon
in the grey of the moon
on all manners of wind
who would shape with its whisper
the souls it is cooling
the whims it is ruling
and sorrows so silent
while quietly scolding
the wishes you're dreaming
in dreams you're believing
and nightly receiving,
as gallant reality
glares at your levity
laughing at life
and the length of its brevity
feint and relax
settle back in the day
take a calm look around
and remind your resolve
to resign any enemies
lost where you found
in a conflict of clowns
a dispute of displeasure
that measure for measure
is worth all the weight
of an ounce of no treasure.