Knowing the internet, some of these will be bad links. HM Links Maintenance Service is presently engaged elsewhere in the kingdom.

We're going to try to keep the links alphabetical, but maybe this should go right on top: the British Immigration and Nationality Directorate.

Association of British counties. Dedicated to "saving our shires" and source of PGB's map of historic counties.

BBC Weather. They also do news, we're told.

Breakthrough USA. For traffic going the other way. Chris Ingram is a British expat and a US immigration attorney who offers free consultation and Visa guides. He specializes in helping Brits emigrate from the UK to the US.

Department of Social Scrutiny. Sublime.

Directgov. "The place to turn to for the latest and widest range of public services and government information. Book a driving test, find a job, get advice about child care, renew your passport and lots more."

English Heritage. The Government's statutory adviser on the historic environment of England. Invites membership to aid in its mission to maintain said environment, which entitles you to visit the properties in its care without paying each time you show up. For British abroad: "Almost an expats yellow pages." Do they keep leaving as we keep coming?

The Framley Examiner. British Onion.

Happy England. Subscription site, with free samples, offering weekly tasters of British culture and history. As the name implies, also "for people who just want to be cheered up!"

History of the Monarchy. 1. Find subjects. 2. Make sure they know they're subjects. 3. Call yourself King. 4. Make sure they call you King. 5. Have heirs who continue this tradition and subjects who do the same.

HM Dept of Vague Paranoia. Spoof, but might as well be the real thing; HM's Dept of Making Mountains Out of Molehills wasn't best pleased.

H2G2. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy à la BBC. Remember not to panic.

Chris Hansen's self-explanatory I am finally a dual citizen. "Good, clean funny. Let me knows what you thinking! I'll leave you with one word: 'hello' and 'yes'."

Images of England. Ambitious project to build a digital library of England's 370,000 listed buildings.

Living in London is "all about finding an area in London which is the right area for you as a place to live. London is a vast city divided into 119 postcode districts. Very few people (even life long Londoners) have ever visited all or even most of them."

Marmite FAQ. Is it Kosher? Find out this and other indispensable facts.

The National Trust. Registered charity independent of the government which serves as "a guardian for the nation in the acquisition and protection of threatened coastline, countryside and buildings." Has a membership scheme similar to that of English Heritage. Holds some 600,000 acres and 600 miles of coastline in trust, as well as numerous grand old houses and other properties. English Heritage usually gets the castles.

Northern Ireland. Wikipedia entry.

Ordnance Survey. Mapping the United Kingdom so you don't have to.

The Orlando British Club "aims to establish a vast network of Brits" in the sunshine state. Watch out for those hurricanes, folks.

Over the Pond. "A guide for marriage-based UK immigration and naturalisation." Nice and comprehensive within its bailiwick. is a big photo album and tourist resource site with images supplied by the public.

Project Brainstorm. Satire and commentary under a lowering sky lit by flashing synapses.

Ripe London. A bellyful of bling.

Varieties of Tea.

UK Yankee. Expats innit.

University of the Bleeding Obvious. Surely you've met their alumni.

The Very Best of British is a guide tailored for Americans hoping to avoid confusification when confronted with British words and phrases.

Vulture. "A British Cultural Glossary for our Overseas Visitors". Excellent, though without navigational aids. This link will take you to A; type B, etc., in the URL (after 'vult') to move around.

The World Clock. When time is of the essence.