more to come – last updated 22 June 2015

I've probably got a couple thousand pictures of the many generations
of rabbits which have kept us company over the years.

Salad bar

Everywhere you look there's lunch. Would you like a slug with that?

Paging John Updike

Paging Mills & Boon

This is what can happen when you don't use protection

The secret life of rabbits

When you're happy and you know it

Air pressure? Check. Wiper fluid levels? Check. Bunny under car? Che–abort! Abort!

It's important to stay limber

It's equally important to have quality nap time

Juvenile delinquents

First rule of rabbit fight club: you don't talk about rabbit fight club
(better than 'yawns and stretches')

Stoatally not a rabbit

Another observer of the local fauna. More lambs than you can shake a stick at here

Don't worry, we're not losing interest

Rabbit, groom
Nothing to see here
Feeding frenzy
Wee three (loses dramatic tension after about the two minute mark)