Minority report

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Don’t have a very smart phone; I only really bought it for the “let’s make a call” app

Don’t have GPS

Don’t have a flatscreen TV

PS. Oy vey

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2 Responses to Minority report

  1. Ron says:

    Ditto on the no-flatscreen. We did recently abandon our VCR in favor of a DVR. The quality and quantity of our TV watching have improved immeasurably. Still haven’t seen Honey Boo Boo, which makes me feel like something of a Luddite.

    If you follow your Google Analytics as obsessively as I do, you should note a US visitor using Chrome on Chromium OS. That would be me. I hope I’m the first.

  2. sam says:

    First order of business: I am gutted to learn that one cannot post images in comments. Your reference to Chrome/Chromium had me image searching ELO and the 80s memory game Simon, both of which flashed into my mind when reading about Chrome and seeing its icon. As the user of an older Mac I am not able to give either the OS or the browser a whirl.

    The main reason we haven’t pulled the trigger on a DVR is because we do most of our watching on computers now. If you’re a Luddite for not having seen Honey Boo Boo, I’m not sure what that makes me for not even knowing what that is without googling…

    I don’t check google analytics for roughly the same reason I don’t use a cycling computer – I don’t wish to know how slow I’m going.

    PS. This commenting really does suck. I think I prefer forum software to WordPress for blogging (or whatever it is I do).

    PPS. OK. You can post images, if they’re already online. Or at least I can.

    null null

    I’m still less than delighted with this interface.

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