Caught in the shutter

I carry a camera. Been carrying one since before they invaded phones. Started with a Minolta XD11, moved to a Nikon F2A, and a couple of decades and too many $s and £s later am using a Sony RX100 for most of my self-assigned assignments. The heavy stuff spends most of the time in a drawer. (There’s nothing sadder than a quietly resting Nikkor 180mm.)

My goal isn’t great art. It’s to take pictures. Then caption them or use them to illustrate one thing or another. Then I take more. It’s pleasantly addictive.

Here are some:
Tiffin people
Scenes at the Museum (lots more than the link to the right)
Guy fixing his skates in a bike shop
Scary places
All bark no bite
Lambing season (almost here again!)
even dead cats don’t escape

It’s only fair:self700

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