My Life as an Instagram Influencer

…and other columns written for my hometown Ohio paper. Not necessarily my most incisive stuff, but then, I don’t really do incisive; I’m more a light reading guy.

The Firm

Let Me In

My Life as an Instagram Influencer

Buckle Up

Cupid: <sigh>

Heritage Day

Hop, Skip and Jump to the Polls



A Tea Towel for Two

Westminster (image googlegrab like the most of the rest + beaucoup graininess)

The Liberty List

Nice to See You, to See You Nice

The Conkers State

London Calling (photo credit: me)

Dear Cyclists


Dear President @realDonaldTrump

The Overseas Oval Office Club
What, you don’t remember President Yoda?

None of the Above
Illustration not specifically made for the story, but what the hell.

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