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The Joy of Captioning

Way to be a downer I’ve been carrying one camera or another for a long time. At some point it occurred to me that a picture is worth as many words as it takes to complete the picture. That number … Continue reading

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Star quality

Thank you all! Facebook of course, for this award, which is proof positive of my worth. My parents, for raising me to be the kind of person who can merit such an accolade. My Facebook friends, for being appreciative, obvs. … Continue reading

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In the news

Reading the latest of what passes for news, I see that the bad boy from Basingstoke prompted Lucas to report him after setting Twitter squawking with his expressed desire to see a teenager drown in the Atlantic ocean. Well, when … Continue reading

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Wonder Bread

the Wonder Woman who introduced me to the world of wonder women. Although we shall return to Lynda from time to time, the screenshots I have lined up are from the 2017 film starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, which … Continue reading

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