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Nature green in tooth and paw

The hunter finds his prey, his keen ears having detected the kitchen door opening. Fleet of foot, he advances on the unsuspecting greens. Ignoring the high pitched screams of the basil, coriander, carrot tops, mint, watercress and curly kale, he … Continue reading

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These days I fancy bicycles a lot more than cars, but I had good times over the years in the following: 1972 Pontiac Lemans, quite used when I bought it. My first. Automatic, I think. Blue with unpainted bondo in … Continue reading

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We meet again

No, not our dreamy queen, whom I’ve never seen in person and who, as far as I can recall, has yet to invade my subconscious. Nor Labour MP Emily Thornberry, one of the speakers outside parliament protesting the presidential visit … Continue reading

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High Weald Drifters

I frequently launch my bike into the wee small hours, savouring the peace and quiet and moonlight when celestial bodies are feeling generous. Just the road and me for an hour or two. 20 miles, give or take: nothing epic, … Continue reading

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