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Easy as 123

Giving up sugar: It’s not you, it’s me Continue reading

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Please stay

For me, the work of writing has always, in some way, been a fight against oblivion. It’s my way of resisting death and (however delusional) of trying to ensure that a trace of me remains after I’m gone. – Julija … Continue reading

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Eye there

You’ve just taken a mighty leap from wherever you were to here, so welcome! Here’s a picture of my pet rabbit, just because. He’s asleep (or not) behind the davenport, as my grandmother used to call it. This is his … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Regina, birthday girl

Stills from the BBC documentary Queen: One’s Long Strange Trip Before she was Queen, Elizabeth worked coal from the unforgiving earth. The Queen wasn’t officially Queen until she bopped these men in the head with these fancy sticks. Every morning … Continue reading

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