Swiss mix

Trip pix. We stayed in Lausanne and tram-tastic Zurich, and visited Gruyères, Lucerne, Winterthur, and the Château de Chillon near Montreux.

The Lion of Lucerne, commemorating Swiss casualties from the French Revolution. It was sculpted by Bertel Thorvaldsen, whose “strict adherence to classical norms has tended to estrange modern audiences,” according to Wikipedia. The modern audience on safari didn’t seem too estranged.

The Lindt factory shop, aka paradise, can be found just south of Zurich. To some of us, chocolate is more valuable than gold.

To facilitate their famed punctuality, Swiss engineers swapped old-fashioned cow catchers for something more proactive.

Punctuality? Scandal on our way back from Gruyères.

Ode to joy. They don’t make a sign for that.

Holding pattern in the museum

A bit of country in the middle of Lausanne

Further off the beaten path.
Actually, a painting on exhibit in the Chateau de Gruyères.

Lunch at the Chateau

“You’re under arrest.” And he was.

They opted for the bad news first

What can happen when the toy store runs out of dollhouses.
Painting in the Chapel Bridge in Lucerne.

Everyone was anxious she have a good night’s sleep

Begging for a Hannibal Lecter caption

Switzerland is expensive. Halfway through I ran out of colour.
Click if you like ’em bigNotre Dame Cathedral, Lausanne

Notre Dame Cathedral, Lausanne

Chateau de Chillon

Chateau de Chillon, kitchen

Chateau de chillon, armour

Chateaux de Chillon, dungeon

Lac Leman

Loc Leman, Lausanne

Cruyeres church

Chateau de Gruyeres, garden overlook
remove window

Exhibition at Chateau de Gruyeres

Chateau de Gruyeres

Lac Leman, from Chateau de Chillon

Montreaux waterfront

resting cyclist, Lac Leman

Day trip

(Notre) Dame

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