The Zero Club

This is a club for content creators who work in the pristine vacuum of public indifference. It’s for those of us who do our bit to fill the web with stuff that someday someone special may stumble across and think: “cool”. Or words to that effect.

It’s for those who have no choice in the matter. We write or otherwise concoct whatever comes tumbling unbidden out of our brains, work it till it’s just right or as right as we can make it, then let it go. Then it goes nowhere. Which can be discouraging despite the awesome freedom that comes with always flying under the radar. We can say whatever we want! It will have absolutely no effect on the observable universe.

How do you know you belong in this club? It’s easy. All you have to do is post something somewhere and wait for nothing to happen. What do you expect is going to happen anyway? Are you waiting for applause? Kudos? Validation of the wonder that is you? I would say “grow up” but chances are you’re already grown up enough to know the world has placed a value on your efforts, and that value is nil.

Zero Club costs nothing to join. You don’t have to officially register or anything. We have no bylaws, other than this: Keep on keepin’ on.


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2 Responses to The Zero Club

  1. sam says:

    I was prompted to revisit this somewhat bleak topic after posting a bit of satire over in Kosland, where for better or worse I’d been lapping up coverage of the US primaries. It wasn’t possible to fly much lower. 

    Fortunately there are peeps of taste and discernment in the Twittersphere.

  2. sam says:

    Just a little reminder to myself that I forgot rejection slips when I whipped this up. I’m all about the self-flagellation.

    The joke is actually that I write so little. Certainly no limericks.

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