Easy as 123

Today marks my 123rd day without sugar. That doesn’t mean I’ve given up, say, ketchup,* which needs it to keep the tomatoes in line. It means saying no to foodstuffs like this



and yes, even this sweet thing, as I’m also currently avoiding fructose

So basically, everything that makes a life worth living. Though frankly I can live without apples for another 123 days.

This isn’t the first time I’ve deprived my body of the building blocks of fat. In 2016 I managed a similar fast that lasted almost as long, and reduced to my lowest weight in decades. (Cutting down my usual grazing to three meals a day also helped.) Unfortunately I then spent the next couple of years suffering a case of sugar-induced amnesia that made me forget how good it had felt to be 32 again.

It’s been easier this time. Except for a pop tart [what I call all toaster pastry products by default] -related delirium about a week ago, I honestly haven’t had cravings.

I sense this has to end at some point. It isn’t sustainable. The centre cannot hold. But perhaps it can get smaller first.

PS. “Did you photoshop that ‘Mmm’?” my wife asked. No I did not.

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5 Responses to Easy as 123

  1. sam says:

    Day 140. Into London for (not)Brexit day and a bike show. What’s this? An M&M emporium? Take only pictures, leave no money.

    The nearby Wholefoods offered its own culinary delights.

    Some of us prefer our greens unprocessed.


  2. sam says:

    182 days. 26 weeks. 6 months. Half a year. Basically, an aeon.

    14 aeons (+, assuming she’s still at it) is well-nigh unimaginable.

  3. sam says:

    Day 215, though it would be nice to stop counting. I still occasionally have visions of pop tarts dancing in my head. “Don’t-buy-it-can’t-eat-it” is a useful mantra at such times. Nature’s Path and Annies help by not having a UK distributor for these drug products. The real deal is available, but the ones with frosting on them as God intended contain horsey hooves and pig skin.
    I’m aware that that the ingredients list isn’t all sugar and spice and everything nice,

    but that’s a little too close to snips and snails and puppy-dog’s tails to be wholly palatable. Even for dreams.

    PS. Jolly freaking Rancher??

  4. sam says:

    * Condiments did not constitute a major food group for me; nor was I blind to the sugar often buried in prepared food. I did my best to keep it to an absolute minimum. This asterisk brought to you thanks to the unamused, who I suppose can’t be blamed for taking exception to grand statements like “Today marks my 123rd day without sugar” which are less than 100% true.

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