Lost in Translation might not be a bad name for a blog by an American expatriate in Britain examining cultural misunderstandings and slippery language, but that’s not why I started it. I chose the name simply because I liked it, and because the picture made me think of it; I chose the picture because I needed to upload something long and skinny and stumbled upon that one, taken at the British Museum. I take a lot of pictures at museums.

Speaking of pics, I prefer to use my own – My little eye would be a misnomer otherwise – but it’s often the case that a post cries out for an illustration that can only be obtained from the great free stock agency known as Google.


In a more tightly run ship I would at least credit each specific source. Know this, if it counts: I have no larceny in my heart. I rarely grab something that has been obviously photoshopped by somebody else for comedic effect. Why would I want to? Photoshopping is too much fun, even if I’m not an expert. Mostly I grab what I consider to be generic sorts of things, or news shots of people I’ve never seen or events I didn’t personally witness, or objects I don’t possess or can’t get near or just can’t get a decent image of – usually for purposes of alteration.

This post offers good examples, featuring the destruction of the earth, the cover art for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, a well-lit fridge freezer with an ice dispenser, and the Queen.


When I’m not trying to make LiT “the very best in its niche,” I post in that niche over there.

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