Light Reading only appeared once. Once was enough. The cover was a photo of a botched, crooked yellow traffic line staggering up the main thoroughfare of Newark Avenue — as if painted by Mister McGoo on a bender. The perfect guideline for life in a city/county where scamming never stops...

By integrating politics with a sense of the fantastic, "Light" plugged into the transcendent beneath the Naugahyde. Imagine an old discarded couch sitting on the pre Gold Coast shore of the Hudson River, facing the vision of Wall Street. Then imagine that couch flapping its cushions and saying "Together we can make Jersey City a slice of Heaven". Or addressing a passing priest: "When you stop sin, Father, I'll stop all the problems of Jersey City". In JC the sacred trips lightly from the lips of the profane.

-Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff
PEEP Magazine