My wife recently celebrated the 10th anniversary with her employer, though ‘celebrated’ is so not the word she’d wish to use: more like bewailed. But that’s another post. The point of this one is that they give people who manage to hang on that long a list from which to choose an anniversary gift. As a last resort – nothing on the list appealed – she chose this:


Though we take a lot of pictures, we have seldom felt the urge for any of them to be moving. That was before the bunnies moved in. Last year I finally got around to pushing the movie button on my camera. It was fun, but not addictive. Then came the list, which was filled with underwhelming flat screen TVs, garden furniture, and if I remember correctly, an option to give to charity. Charity begins at home, especially when you’re feeling like a basket case after giving a decade of your life to what can seem like the back office of Satan. She took the Handycam.

As I may have mentioned, we like “our” rabbits. They’ve made us laugh; they’ve made us cry. They keep us company out here in nowhere, along with the lambs who sometimes make a break-in, and the occasional lost white van man.

Which is enough preamble.

Harrier Jump Jet @ 1.16. I should probably learn how to edit these; there’s a lot of eating first…

Always start the morning with breakfast and a kick in the face

Out of the cave & into the jungle

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